Back to School – Reference: Writing Excuses Podcast, Resource: Stuff You Missed in History Class Podcast

by jeanineoloughlin

September is the time when we in the US start preparing for the new school year. So each Monday I’ll be posting a piece of reference and a resource I use (have used) for developing my writing.


The podcast “Writing Excuses” is a great place to go for discussions, exercises, prompts and other writing advice from some wonderful published authors. They have episodes spanning several years that touch just about every topic of writing in short bite-sized format.



I’ve mentioned this podcast before on this blog briefly. “Stuff you Missed in History Class” is a wonderful podcast that runs about an hour-long several times a week that covers people, places, events, and things in history. They also provide great suggestions for resource materials on the topic and will provide what is speculation, what is held as the “most likely” truth from historical experts and what is actually documented in the historical record. There are subjects spanning from ancient history to more modern history. You can search all of their episodes (which spans hundreds) on their website. I use this as a jumping off point for any historical fiction projects I’m working on.