Friday Book Recommendation

by jeanineoloughlin


So this book has both a place of love and hate in my heart. When I was in the 6th grade I was in an advanced English group who read books that were a grade or two ahead, and this was one of our first books. I loved the story and viewing a part of the real world from the perspective of a dog. Then I changed schools and in 7th grade was assigned the book again, and then I changed schools again in 8th grade, and had to read the book a THIRD time. I liked the book, but by the third year of writing book reports and essays I was ready to chuck my copy into the recycling bin. I haven’t read it since, but I remember it really well. The story of Buck, a mutt of a dog living a life of luxury as a family pet gets thrust into the life of a sled dog during the notorious Yukon Gold Rush. He changes hands of several owners, some good, some bad and we learn about humanity through the eyes of a single dog. I’ve always believed you can really understand the nature of a person by how they treat their pets, and I think this book really started me on that path.

**FOR PARENTS: I would not recommend this book for children younger than about 12 due to some of the violence involved. If you’re a parent be prepared to talk to your child about animal abuse and other related topics as they are very prevalent in the book and can be upsetting for animal lovers.**

Happy Reading!