Back to School – Reference: Writer’s Journey, Resource: Pinterest

by jeanineoloughlin

September is the time when we in the US start preparing for the new school year. So each Monday I’ll be posting a piece of reference and a resource I use (have used) for developing my writing.



This is a book I was recommended to read in college by a friend. It takes Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey and puts it into the context of using it for writing. There are a lot of references used from pop culture to really help you understand the concept. While it’s presented as a “formula” I found it more of an inspirational/insightful reference that helped me more as an editor and when I analyzed things I read than it did my writing.



Now if you haven’t heard of this site it’s a site that is designed to be your never-ending cork board for everything you could possibly imagine. I have used this a lot for my other hobbies, sewing/costuming etc. but I’ve also found it a great tool for inspiration, vocabulary charts, and even reference images for things like characters, costumes, settings etc.

If you’re not one for sharing you can even make your boards private so only you can see them. Again it’s a great place to just get ideas and find some fun ways to inspire yourself.

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