Back to School – Reference: Writing Down the Bones, Resource: Fantasy Name Generator

by jeanineoloughlin

September is the time when we in the US start preparing for the new school year. So each Monday I’ll be posting a piece of reference and a resource I use (have used) for developing my writing.



This is a book that my high school creative writing teacher used for part of our coursework. The author Natalie Goldberg brings in a lot of her views on “spirituality” into the book, that while you may not see the world as she does you can definitely benefit from some of her thoughts on how to help you get your words to the page and find who you are as a writer.


I am terrible at naming things. It is not a talent I have, but when I see or hear a name I know when it’s right (or at l east close) to what I’m looking for. So when I’m looking for inspiration or just need a name for the third guard from the left this is where I usually start.


It’s a great resource for those of us who just suck at names. It contains every type of name generator you could want and even some things beyond names, though I haven’t utilized those.

Happy Writing!