Friday Book Recommendation

by jeanineoloughlin


A Matter of Magic by Patricia C. Wrede (one of my favorite authors), combines two previously separate novels into one; Mairelon the Magician and The Magician’s Ward. Set in Regency/Victorian England but where magic is real and the study taken on much like law or natural sciences. Kim, a street urchin from London is hired to break into the wagon of a stage magician performing in the market and steal an innocuous silver bowl. However, she quickly comes to learn that this stage magician may not be performing just parlor tricks for pennies. A quick job becomes a life-changing adventure of intrigue, magic, and excitement.

I have read both of these novels more times than I can count and are in my top five favorite books. I first read these when I was about twelve to thirteen and they are quick page turners even then. I highly recommend these for both kids and adults looking for some fun light adventure stories. The strong pairing of Kim and Mairelon is one of my favorite and it’s hard not to fall in love with both of them.

Happy Reading!