August Babies – Piers Anthony & The Xanth Novels

by jeanineoloughlin

August did not have any compelling holidays to celebrate, so this month I’ll be posting about authors who were born in the month of August.


Piers Anthony 8/6/34 – Present (Age 81)

Piers Anthony is an English-born American author who is most famous for his long-running novel series set in the fictional realm of Xanth. Mr. Anthony was born in England but moved to the United States when he was 6 becoming a naturalized US citizen while serving in the US Army in 1958. He was a teacher at Admiral Farragut Academy in St Petersburg Florida before becoming a full-time writer. At this time he and his wife made a deal that if he could sell a piece of writing within one year she would continue to work to support him and his writing career. At the end of that first year he had managed to have one of his short stories published.

Mr. Anthony commonly states that he originally intended the Xanth novels to be a trilogy, but after the wild success fo the first three books decided to expand on the series to nine books. His extremely devoted fan base persuaded the author to continue writing the series which is now open-ended and has 39 books published with two additional announced titles. Mr. Anthony considers one of his greatest achievements publishing a book for every letter of the alphabet.