Pride Month – Maurice Sendak & Where the Wild Things Are

by jeanineoloughlin

June is LGBT Pride Month so let’s take some time to appreciate authors of the community and their great works.


Maurice Sendak – 6/10/28 – 5/8/12

An American illustrator and writer of children’s books. He’s best known for Where the Wild Things Are published in 1963. Sendak grew up in New York City and after seeing the film Fantasia at the age of twelve sought a career as an illustrator. Where the Wild Things Are is about a young boy named Max who gets angry at his mother for sending him to bed without supper and seeks out friendship amongst some wild and some would say scary creatures. The book brought Sendak international attention and is now one of the most popular children’s books and was made into an animated short in 1973 and a major motion picture in 2009 to generally positive reviews and reception. In this reader’s opinion the book which was once criticized for depicting frightening creatures within a children’s picture book was not frightening to me and taught me not to fear what is on the outside, but on the inside of a person/creature.


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